Cutting-Edge Sensors 

PIVOT records your full body movements by leveraging multiple 9-axis sensors and proprietary data capture software. Each 9-axis sensor has an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and lithium-ion battery to handle up to 100 movement frames per second. This means PIVOT will capture each and every one of your specific movements.

Mobile and Wireless

PIVOT’s sensors are smaller and weigh less than current motion capture technology. Each sensor is the size of an acorn and weighs just as little. And they’re also wireless. By using sensor fusion and shock burst technology, the Hub sensor wirelessly gathers and transmits all the motion capture data to our cloud infrastructure—all within seconds.


Biomechanics Analysis

Our team of biomechanics experts, sport science coaches, and Nick Bollettieri have spent years understanding the complexities of human motion and its effects on athletic performance. Together with our engineers, we created an advanced biomechanics analysis algorithm that translates raw data into a personalized assessment of technique and form. Our cloud infrastructure handles the heavy computing and data storage to bring the best analysis to you.

Complete Data Analytics

Don't just monitor your racquet, take a look and understand how your whole body impacts your swing. PIVOT offers a complete analysis of your session and provides it in an easy to understand way. Get detailed statistics on your footwork, body positioning, generation of power, and much more.

Instantaneous Feedback

PIVOT helps you stay on top of your game by instantly transmitting your results to a mobile device. Seconds after swinging, you can view your movement and adjust your stroke accordingly. Set training goals and receive real time alerts of your progress while on the court. Feel the immediate gratification when you finally achieve the correct stroke form that you practiced all day! 


Motion Library

Our motion library is a key learning center with limitless possibilities. One important feature is to mark your favorite swing as your “signature” motion. While practicing the stroke, you get instantaneous feedback and see a 3D comparison with the selected reference motion, which you can view on your mobile device. We'll also be adding in guides with signature motions and teachings from professional coaches like Nick Bollettieri. Furthermore, with our open source platform, your own coaches can also communicate and program these training lessons and guides for you.


3D Playback

PIVOT’s 3D playback is the result of our advanced motion capture technology. Replay any of your past swings at normal or slower speeds to truly understand your performance. Take advantage of a 360 degree viewing angle so you never miss any of the details again.