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Cutting-edge biomechanics based technology is the future in sports injury prevention, performance evaluation, and technique improvement.
Weightless yet incredibly dynamic, TuringSense records and analyzes your movements for precision, optimization, and improvement.
Understanding is the first step to improvement.
There are limitless possibilities for fun and improvement with TuringSense's virtual reality platform.

PIVOT by Turing Sense

PIVOT is a multi-sensor, high-speed motion capture and analysis system designed to improve tennis playing, training and prevent injuries. Unlike other products that attach a single sensor to a tennis racquet, PIVOT uses a pack of wearable sensors that can be attached to different parts of the body or clothing and the PIVOT app, to provide instant biomechanical feedback for players to master their swings on the court and guard against injuries without wires or expensive cameras. 


The sport of tennis, throughout its centuries-old history, hasn’t had the opportunity to fully harness the power of technology to elevate playing and training, until now! TuringSense created PIVOT to fill this gap. PIVOT is the world’s first wearable for tennis with innovative multi-sensor, full body motion analysis that helps you master complex movements, avoid injuries and conquer the competition. What’s more, we partnered with Hall of Fame coach Nick Bollettieri to incorporate his training techniques and instructions to create PIVOT's coaching system.

PIVOT, all of which can be customized to you to help you become a better player.

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PIVOT is a breakthrough in technology that is significantly different from other products. Unlike other wearables that attach a single sensor to a tennis racquet, PIVOT uses multi-sensors to actually recreate joint and body movements, so you can master swings on the court and guard against injuries – without wires or expensive cameras. Regardless of skill, PIVOT is going to help take your game up to a whole new level. It is truly a game changer!



Why PIVOT Is Game Changing ?


 Each player’s swing is unique. We created PIVOT to understand your distinct movements and how you generated each one. With our detailed biomechanics analysis and continuous comparison with your reference stroke, you can identify and improve on specific factors of your game--factors that even the naked eye can't see.



The toughest moment for a player is an injury. But you can play longer and return from injury quicker with proper technique. That’s why we designed PIVOT to actively study your form and recognize patterns that cause chronic injuries. Our technology not only notifies you of improper technique but also shows you how to correct it so you stay healthy and active throughout the season



Practice Anywhere and Review the Results Instantaneously

PIVOT is wireless. Take it anywhere, anytime. Play on the court or practice your stroke at home. View your sessions in real-time or access them later.



We took mobility a step further. No cameras or expensive labs are needed. Coaches and parents don’t have to set up multiple cameras or be limited by recording angle. PIVOT is a completely natural and unrestricted way to record your performance. The result is an accurate 360 degree replay of every stroke taken.



With data in the cloud and instantly available on mobile devices, PIVOT makes possible accurate, convenient remote coaching. And this means coaches have the potential to reach more students and to more effectively communicate lessons or drill plans.