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About Us

Revolutionizing Play, Practice, Coaching & Injury Prevention Through
Optimizing Advanced Full-Body Motion-Capture
Technology and Biomechanics Analysis.


TuringSense, a Silicon Valley-based pioneer in wearable sports technology, is revolutionizing training with innovative multi-sensor, high-speed full-body motion analysis. Wireless and camera-less, this portable device provides instant biomechanics feedback for technique optimization and injury prevention. Scalable cloud-based technology enables users to store and share session data with coaches, doctors and trainers in real-time as well as with friends and family via social media. PIVOT, the company’s first product, is designed specifically for tennis, with future products planned for additional sports such as golf and swimming. The company’s technology also has a wide range of potential applications in areas such as physical therapy, rehabilitation, posture correction, compliance and virtual reality/gaming.

The Team

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We are a fun, dedicated mix of engineers and entrepreneurs with a great passion for all things brilliant.



Our team is comprised of:

  • Seasoned and successful entrepreneurs with over 100 years of combined management experience
  • Hardware and firmware experts with manufacturing experience 
  • Biomechanics and algorithm experts in developing 3D full body motion capture and analysis 
  • App developers with experience in developing the simplest and easiest to use UI (user interface) 
  • Cloud experts to develop the infrastructure for mobility 
  • Athletes: Advanced tennis players (level 4.5 and above), golfers (single handicap), swimmers (division I college), martial artists (3rd degree black belts and higher)
  • Coaches: We are partnering with Nick Bollettieri, Inc. which will give us a wealth of coaching techniques built into PIVOT