Tennis, throughout its centuries-old history, hasn’t fully harnessed the power of technology to elevate playing and training — until now! TuringSense created PIVOT to fill this gap. It’s the world’s first wearable for tennis with innovative multi-sensor, full body motion analysis that helps you master complex movements, avoid injuries and conquer the competition. 


What’s more, it incorporates Hall of Fame coach Nick Bollettieri’s unique training techniques into its coaching system. Bollettieri has participated in the development of many leading players, including Agassi, Courier, Seles and Pierce. He has also worked with Sharapova, Hantuchová, Janković, Vaidišová, Lisicki, Errani, Haas, Mirnyi, Malisse, Venus and Serena Williams, Hingis, Kournikova, Rios, Nishikori and coached Becker for two years.


PIVOT is a breakthrough in technology! It doesn’t just attach a single sensor to a tennis racquet, like other products. Instead, PIVOT uses multiple sensors to actually recreate joint and body movements, so you can master swings on the court and guard against injuries – without wires or expensive cameras. Regardless of skill, PIVOT is going to take your game to a whole new level. It is truly a game changer!


Improve Your Game

Each player’s swing is unique. PIVOT understands your distinct movements and how you generated each swing. Its detailed biomechanics analysis and continuous comparison with your reference stroke lets you identify and improve specific factors of your game – factors even the naked eye can't see.


Enjoy Tennis Injury Free

The toughest moment for a player is an injury. But you can avoid injury, play longer, and recover from injury more quickly with proper technique. PIVOT actively studies your form and recognizes patterns that cause chronic injuries. It notifies you of improper technique AND shows you how to correct it.


Practice Anywhere And Review Your Results Instantaneously

PIVOT is wireless and provides results instantaneously. Take it anywhere, anytime. Play on the court or practice your stroke at home. View your sessions in real-time or access them later.


No Camera, No Problem

We took mobility a step further. No cameras or expensive labs are needed. Coaches and parents don’t have to set up multiple cameras or be limited by recording angle. PIVOT is a completely natural and unrestricted way to record performance. You get an accurate 360 degree replay of every stroke.


Remote Coaching Made Possible

With data in the cloud and instantly available on mobile devices, PIVOT makes possible accurate, convenient remote coaching. This means coaches can instantly view player performances and effectively provide feedback from a thousand miles away.