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Cutting-edge biomechanics based technology is the future in sports injury prevention, performance evaluation, and technique improvement.
Weightless yet incredibly dynamic, TuringSense records and analyzes your movements for precision, optimization, and improvement.
Understanding is the first step to improvement.
There are limitless possibilities for fun and improvement with TuringSense's virtual reality platform.

PIVOT by TuringSense

PIVOT is a multi-sensor, high-speed motion capture and analysis system designed to improve tennis playing, training and prevent injuries. Unlike other products that attach a single sensor to a tennis racquet, PIVOT uses a pack of wearable sensors that can be attached to different parts of the body or clothing and the PIVOT app, to provide instant biomechanical feedback for players to master their swings on the court and guard against injuries without wires or expensive cameras.

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The sport of tennis, throughout its centuries-old history, hasn’t had the opportunity to fully harness the power of technology to elevate playing and training, until now! TuringSense created PIVOT to fill this gap. PIVOT is the world’s first wearable for tennis with innovative multi-sensor, full body motion analysis that helps you master complex movements, avoid injuries and conquer the competition. 

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